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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Tired and Not Much to Say

It's been another rocky last couple of days. I'm very tired and can't think well enough to write much. But I wanted you to know I am here and will be back writing regularly again next week. Life will get back on track.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ahh, the winter blues! I think we all get them at least once in a while. Today, we woke up to a winter storm and have about 8 or 9 inches of new snow to deal with. Lots of schools closed and the storm will end by noon. I've been out since 5:30 snowblowing our driveway with hubby so he can get to work this morning.

  2. Hoping you get to feeling yourself very soon! Heading out of town so will check back in in a couple weeks.


  3. Life will get back on track. Sending positive thoughts your way while you deal with what you have to for now.

  4. I hope and pray that you can get your energy back soon! It seems as though this has been a tough year for many. Although I read your blog regularly, I haven't commented much lately. My youngest daughter has had serious mental and physical challenges these past 6 months. She has a 14 month old and I have had him almost daily while his dad works. As much as you love them, it takes it's toll! The rigors of mothering never end, just change. Hopefully, she is turning the corner so that she can enjoy this stage of mothering and I can step back into the role of grandmothering. Take care Lili!

    1. You are such a blessing to your daughter and grandson.

    2. Lynn from NC Outer BanksMarch 11, 2023 at 7:04 AM

      How fortunate they are to have your support. What you said is so true-"The rigors of mothering never end, just change".

  5. It's ok if you need to step away from posting on your blog for awhile. We all understand!

  6. Just sending you a hug. Life is hard. Please know many care about you. We'll be here when you are up to posting. In the meantime, feel hugged.

  7. Just know we are all here, hoping for your best. We see how hard you work to be a positive influence in everyone's life. You definitely need a break to.take care of yourself first when you are tired. We'll always be here, your creativesavv gang.


  8. Lynn from NC Outer BanksMarch 11, 2023 at 7:02 AM

    Lili, I can certainly identify with you. I've had a period of angst myself lately, but am finally emerging from it, mostly due to the arrival of my first grandchild-a granddaughter! I hope you can step into the light as well soon. Take good care and as much time as you need. ((Hugs))

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. Hi Lili, I'm hoping you are feeling better, and have been able to enjoy the sunshine we have been having in the PNW. I know it helps me, plus getting out into the yard, and taking walks. All helpful, but just getting rest is maybe what is needed. You spoke of things you are looking forward to this spring. I enjoy visiting the daffodils and tulips in Skagit Valley, usually every year. It's a beautiful scene there, with the mountains in the background. I see tulips coming up in my yard, so I'm hoping the tulip festival will be on schedule! Take care! Cheryl in the northwest corner of WA state


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