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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Origami Nut & Candy Cups for Our Easter Table

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm grateful this was truly a 24-hour bug. By midday, I was feeling normal again. I'm back on track, getting ready for Easter.

When we were in the vintage district on my daughters' birthday in March, I happened to see my mother and father's china pattern, Lenox Olympia. The pattern is considered mid-century, which fits as my parents were married in the late 1950s. I had been thinking about my parents china since that day in March.

After I put the tablecloth on the dining room table, I was inspired to get some pieces of my parents' china out and see how they'd look together. Continuing with the 1950s vibe, we decided to use the Jordan almonds I bought last month in paper cups on the table at Easter.

You know me, I didn't want to buy paper nut cups when I can somewhat easily make some cups with origami. We have a large roll of bright green wrapping paper from a yard sale (25 cents) last summer.

So, this afternoon I got busy and made a bunch of these bright green star boxes.

Using 7-inch squares of the gift wrap, I followed instructions for making the boxes in this YouTube origami star box tutorial. The tutorial was very easy to follow and I enjoyed the peaceful music that came with it. The were not only easy to do, but they were easy to do neatly (getting origami to look neat is half of the challenge for me).

Now filled with the Jordan almonds, I think they look cute and festive.


  1. That is lovely. I know how to do two things with paper and folding and that is making a gift bag out of a 9 x 13 flat envelope and making gift boxes out of old and used Christmas card or any other card. I will watch this video at some point to add a third paper folding technique! Thank you.

    1. Hi Alice,
      I've made boxes with Christmas cards, but I haven't heard of making a gift bag out of an envelope before. That sounds interesting and very clever. If you have something you can link to showing how, please do.

  2. You really have knack for making things festive. I don't have that kind of imagination, or at least not in the entertaining area. I'm sure your family will appreciate your efforts. However, now I feel like I need to get some Jordon almonds. They look so good in your picture.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      As I was saying to someone else, doing these sort of crafty things is the fun part of my "job".
      I hadn't had Jordan almonds in many years when I saw them in bulk bins at our local WinCo. They bring back very fond memories of my childhood and my mom in particular. I hope you can get some soon.

  3. That's adorable! I love the spring green shade of your boxes, and they compliment the almonds and the tablecloth very well. I have my own china, but I sometimes wish that I had saved my parent's china, which I suspect is also mid-century. I don't remember the whole story, but I think that my parents used stamps or coupons to purchase them. Or maybe they got them at the gas station or bank.

    1. Hi Kris,
      My mom saved blue chip and green chip stamps plus Betty Crocker points. She sent away for a lot of kitchen and dining items with those stamps and points. When she and my dad were married, my mom's aunts pooled all of their Betty Crocker points and redeemed them for silver-plated flatware for my parents. I remember my mom being very touched, even many years later, that her aunts would give up their points coupons so they could give my mother and father a nice wedding gift. For many years, our kitchen junk drawer held an envelope bulging with clipped points coupons, waiting for my mom to redeem them for something or another. I also remember getting items from gas stations. I think I remember getting drinking glasses with a fill-up. And I remember going with my mom when she opened a savings account at the bank and she received an electric blanket. As recent as about 18 years ago, I opened an account at a community bank and received a George Forman grill. We still have that grill, too. It seems funny that businesses would need to give away something just to get more business.

  4. Lovely table setting, and love how you made something so creative and perfect from thrifty finds. I live for moments like this which reinforces my habit of prebuying before need. My stockpile feels every bit like bank savings to me, waiting to be used on a rainy day or as a resource to build something more than the sum of the parts. Like our food stockpile, I like keeping a stockpile of dry goods too.

    Lili, I'm glad that you are back to your old wonderful self, and that it was just a 24 hr bug. My days go by in a blur, and I forget to post later when I planned to.

    Have a nice Thursday,

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thank you. I know exactly what you mean about your stockpile being a sort of savings account. I feel that way about stocking up on food. Our emergency pantry is a backup plan and hedge against temporary price increases or shortages or income reduction. We've prepaid today on what we'll eat tomorrow.

      Have a wonderful rest of your week and Easter weekend, Laura!

    2. Love what you said, "We prepaid today on what we'll eat tomorrow." This will be a quote I document in my daily journal, where I keep snippets and ephemera that are gathered from the day.


    3. Have a wonderful Easter with your family!!



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