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Monday, May 15, 2023

Guess what this is?

My son and daughter-in-law gave this to me on Mother's Day. What do you think it is? If you were thinking a tiny oar for a tiny row boat, think again.

It's a "last drop" spatula.

At one end there's an itty bitty flat scoop, good for getting under the rim of jars or scraping out the last little bit from a narrow-necked bottle of tinted moisturizer.

The other end is larger, but long and narrow and more scoop-shaped for retrieving more product, such as the last of the ketchup stuck to the sides of the bottle.

Both scoops are made of silicone, and therefore are flexible. From tip to tip, the spatula is about 9 inches.

Anyway, my son and daughter-in-law know me well and found a tool that will help me reduce waste and save money.


  1. Ha, was about to say they know you well and then saw that near the end of your post. But indeed they do! And how nice for you that they DO know you so well and find just the right gift to suit you.

    I visited my parents in Virginia week before last and spotted an odd (and slightly similar looking) item hanging from the key hook by their back door. Turns out it was a long-handled shoe horn that my dad uses.


    1. Hi Cat,
      I'm glad you had a chance to visit your parents. Interesting about your dad's shoehorn. Maybe the long handle means he doesn't need to bend over so far to get his shoes one.
      My late father-in-law had an interesting tool for getting his socks on without having to bend so far. He could basically pull his socks on without bending over at all.

    2. I'm commenting on this late, but OT's frequently issue sock aids to patients, especially ones with hip replacements (they aren't allowed to bend more than 90* at their hips). The sock aids work better for some people than for others.

    3. Hi Kris,
      So my father-in-law was given the sock tool when he broke his hip and couldn't bend for a while. So your comment makes sense. He became quite adept with the tool.

  2. She knows you well was my first thought, too. Let us know how well it works. I think I need one, too.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      I'll keep you posted about how well it works. I've yet to try it, but do have just the bottle to give it its first go.

  3. I knew exactly what that was. My mom had one but a different style when I was a kid that also was used for slim necked bottles to get every last drop out. I saw it in Dad's drawer the other day but the rubber is not so supple anymore. Glad to see there is something out there to "get that last drop" out of bottles. I mostly just add a little water (or milk if it's mayonnaise) and just shake it around to dump into whatever I'm preparing. I think your kids know you very, very well!

    1. Hi Alice,
      I mostly add a liquid to get the last bit out. But sometimes a watery version isn't quite what I want, like ketchup or cosmetic products. So, this will be interesting to use.
      That's neat your mom used a tool like this, too, and that you knew what this was. There are a few different brands and slightly different styles. Some are even sold as cosmetic spatulas. I guess other women feel the same way about getting every last bit out.

  4. They thought of you when they saw it. Funny how we get branded. My DIL thought of me when her SIL cleared her craft and sewing supplies. I told her I enjoyed pawing through the goodies and adding to my stash. They know I go to thrift stores to buy craft supplies and don't mind more.

    Have a lovely day,

    1. Hi Laura,
      How very nice that your DIL arranged for you to go through her SIL's craft goodies! It's nice when others understand us. I'm sure your DIL's SIL was glad to have her castoffs go to a good home.

      Enjoy the rest of your evening, Laura!

  5. My first thought was that it was a gardening tool to get out weeds without bending over--I think my mind went there because of all of the work you've been doing outdoors lately. :)

    1. Hi Kris,
      Now that would be nice, a weed puller that I could use standing up.I think I once saw something like that. It had a claw on the soil end and would grab onto dandelions just below the leaves and help pull the whole thing out.


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