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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

How many frugal things can you spot in this photo?

Just a little game . . .

I sometimes like going through my day watching for ways I'm living out frugality. I had just such a moment this afternoon in the blueberry patch.

Gardening seems to bring out the frugal nature in many of us, especially so if what a person is tending is edible. 

Anyways, I came up with 6 frugal things in this photo, plus one frugal thing that I forgot to do.

Like any other puzzle, the answers are upside down at bottom of post.


  1. Very clever. Some of the things were obvious and others were only something you could know but still 6 things and a missed one is a very good percentage of savings!

    1. Hi Alice,
      You're right. Some of those things were only what I would know. I hope it didn't seem like I was being unfair.

  2. My husband is using milk jugs as cloches. So far so good. He planted, among other things, some okra seeds that a friend gave him. We'll see how they do in our northern climate.

    I'll be interested in the progress with your cranberry plant. How did I miss that you grow them?

    1. Hi Kris,
      That's exciting that your husband is trying okra. I've never tried it here. Wishing him luck!

      Years ago, I talked about our cranberry patch, in this post:
      My cranberries were getting shaded out by a nearby hedge, so I'm taking cutting and moving some to sunnier spots. I hope this spot at the base of the blueberry bushes will do okay. I'll try a few different spots in the yard, just in case.

  3. That was fun. Mountain beavers are a new one for me. I read a bit about them and see that they're only in the northwest. That would explain it.

    1. Hi Live and learn,
      Mountain beavers were a new one to me too, a few years ago. They've chewed the bottom leaves and needles off of many of our evergreen ornamentals. But they can be cute, so I wouldn't want to wish them any harm. But I do have to protect baby plants or they'll eat the entire plant.

  4. I do the same, count the ways I'm saving money by being frugal. Recently I finished patching and sealing our "temporary" driveway, and thought to myself, I must have saved quite a sum not hiring professionals. It's not the same quality of course but it accomplished what we needed. I think our neighbors were worried while the work was in progress, since both sides mentioned the driveway came out nice :) I felt crazy at times painting the patches on our driveway then the entire driveway with a red "oops" paint (concrete deck sealer) then finishing with a black asphalt sealer over the red paint. Time will tell if the driveway lasts. I'm hoping in fact the concrete sealer will help the asphalt sealer last longer as it might prevent water from seeping under. Buying the oops paint saved $400, a small price to pay for feeling so cheap painting with red . My husband didn't think this was a good idea, so I preserved myself.

    Have a nice evening,

    1. Hi Laura,
      Good job on the patch and seal of your driveway. yes, I agree. I think you saved a fair sum of money doing this yourself. We need to repair cracks and reseal our driveway soon, too. Thanks for motivating me with your example.

      Enjoy the rest of your evening, Laura.


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