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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Over the Weekend . . .

Because I can't just let life come to a standstill right now, I kept myself busy with gardening chores.

shades of green, orange, and red tomatoes ripening on an old towel

After harvesting the very last of the tomatoes, I pulled up the plants and tossed them on the compost heap. 

this year's tomato bed is no more

There were quite a few weeds in there as well, so I spent a little time tidying up the soil. 

kale in front, garlic in back

I planted the late fall/early spring kale.

I cleared, enhanced, and dug soil in the back of the bed then planted next year's garlic. I planted 125 cloves. We'll see how many grow over the winter. I also spaced them more than last year and the soil is more moisture retentive with the additions I made on Saturday, with the hope of larger bulbs next summer.

about 1/3 of a pot of carrots

And I dug a bunch more carrots. I still have a bunch more carrots to dig as we need them this month.

This is my largest onion this year. We don't live in onion-growing country, as you can see. It's about 2.5 inches across at the widest. But it is an improvement over last year's onion crop.

We enjoyed a few fall raspberries. They're about gone for the season. I'll eagerly await next summer's berries all winter long.

The blueberry bushes are in full autumn color. You know, I'm not sure what I value more, the edible berries or the beauty of the leaves when they turn.

I'm enjoying the autumn-colored marigolds that I grew from seeds this past spring. Those seeds came from plants I bought a couple of years ago. I save a few seeds every year to start the next year's.

What we didn't get to this weekend was digging potatoes. This coming Saturday is supposed to be a warm one. So that could be a good day to dig some potatoes.

What were you up to over the weekend? And do you have anything planned for the coming weekend. Eek! I just realized that the work week is nearly half over!

Enjoy the rest of your day and evening.


  1. I haven't thought ahead to the weekend yet. :)

    Blueberry bushes are so pretty when they turn red in the fall. We've talked about planting a few along our fence line--both for the color as well as the berries.

    We're still doing well, garden-wise. It's been an unusually warm fall, although the temperatures are going to plummet towards the end of the week. Our pole beans are producing again and we enjoyed green beans with our dinner. Gotta enjoy the produce while it lasts!

    1. Hi Kris,
      I think you'd enjoy the blueberry bushes, both for berries and color. Out of all of the berries that we grow, these are the most beautiful as the plant. Yummy berries just outside your door are awesome too.

      Fresh garden beans are so any times better than frozen or canned. I'm glad you're still able to get some from your garden. We may have a handful of pole beans left. I'll have to check later today.

      Hope the weekend is great whatever you wind up doing!

  2. You've been very productive in your garden. We just got back after being gone for a week, so I'm curious to see what's happening with ours. I'm especially want to see if the turnips or lettuce have come up that I planted a few weeks ago. The turnips were from old seeds, but I used new seeds for the lettuce.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      I hope both seeds did well. I've had some success with old kale and turnip seeds, so maybe yours will have done well, too.

  3. I won't have to say what we will be doing this weekend, clean, clean clean lol We bought outdoor granules specific for ants and an indoor spray. I think I should also buy an eco spray that can be safely used in the kitchen. We also use gel baits which may have worked so well, it attracted a colony migration into the stove. Looking back it was silly of us to watch an ant trail bypass the bait (after taking it so well) while they establish a nest in the stove. Instructions for the bait said to let ants take it back to the colony so we refrained from killing them. Now we know better. This could all have been avoided if we called a professional, but it will be expensive since it will probably require repeat treatments. And who to call when no one seems knowledgeable about electric wiring ants. We risk having a short and fire.
    Aside from this, we are renovating my dad's old sheds to be workshops for my husband and me, to play in, his for tools and me for crafting. I plan to cut fabrics and do messy painting on a large table there. I have been using our living room floor for this. We're not spending much to renovate, mostly cleaning up, painting and changing fixtures. We're looking forward to spending more time in the back yard. Maybe we'll garden then.
    Your garden is so productive. You have a super green 👍

    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Laura,
      well the cleaning doesn't sound like fun, but I bet it will be satisfying. I hope the ant stuff you bought will do the trick, You know, I've never heard of electric wiring ants until your experience. They sound awful, especially with a risk of fire.

      I'm so glad you and your husband will have some play spaces. What a great use for your dad's sheds!


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