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Monday, April 15, 2024

Using Logs as Budget Rustic Patio or Yard Furniture

I saw this done in a photo online when searching for budget or cheap patio furniture. I thought it had a nice look for a rustic setting, such as when placed around a fire ring. 

Last summer and now this year, I've been working on fixing up our outdoor living areas. We use 4 resin Adirondack chairs around the fire ring and whatever small tables we can borrow from other areas. We find it's nice to have a small table within reach of each chair, as when we cook out around a fire, we also take our meals right there. Having someplace to set your glass down within reach is a nice extra to have.

Seeing the online photo of logs used as stools and small tables really clicked with me.

This last weekend, we had an overgrown birch tree taken down. It was shading a section of the roof and depositing a ton of leaves each fall on the shingles, which ultimately led to a leak in the roof in that area this winter. It's the same basic area we've had previous leaks before the last re-roofing. It was recommended to us to remove that particular tree. Sad as we were to lose a beautiful tree, we welcome having our new roof (later this month or early next month) not have that same leak issue. As a bonus, we have lots of beautiful logs for our use now.

Saturday's weather was gorgeous, bright and sunny with just enough sun to want to spend some time in the evening outdoors. It seemed like the perfect day to have a cook-out. One daughter and I brought 6 of the birch logs to the patio and set them up to use as side tables. I like the rustic look, and for now, logs work well for placing a drink, pot of flowers, or a plate of s'mores fixings.


  1. Birch is such a pretty wood. Love your new "tables".

    1. Hi Kris,
      I love the bark on birch trees. I'd like to replace this tree with another clump birch, just smaller and years from being able to reach the roof.
      We're liking the "tables" too!

  2. It's always sad to lose a tree, but so much the better to have a roof that doesn't leak. The white of the birch wood makes the tables look great.

    1. Hi Live and Learn,
      That's how we feel. A non-leaky roof is preferable. I do think the white bark on the birch tables looks nice in its own rustic way.

  3. As the other ladies have said, it seems like a win-win out of a sad situation. We removed a number of mature trees when we first bought our home, because of storm risks, mostly. We fortunately have lots of other trees farther from the house to enjoy, too, but even if we didn't, we love the solar gain/southern exposure it gave us. And the wood kept us warm a couple of winters. Enjoy your s'mores, etc.! Sara

    1. Hi Sara,
      We've had to do the same with tall evergreens that were too close to our house. We've had trees fall and damage the house or fence. One tree hit the house about 6 feet from where one of our infant daughters was sleeping. Too scary, so other trees had to go. I'm glad your house and property also benefited from additional sun exposure.

  4. Happy birthday today! I remembered because it's my birthday too!

    - Tina

    1. Happy Birthday, Tina! Have a wonderful day! And thank you for the birthday wishes.


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