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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Leap Month of Little Joys and Satisfactions: When I Have to be Satisfied with Satisfaction

I often find lots of goodies when cleaning out cupboards. Sometimes, however, I don't find anything awesome lurking in those shadows. In the case of the latter, my satisfaction after cleaning out a cupboard has to come simply from it's tidy appearance and organization.

I cleaned out the master bathroom, beneath-the-sink-cabinet yesterday. This job was a long time coming. I had done bits of it in spurts, here and there. Yet I hadn't pulled everything out all in one go in ages. The floor of the cupboard was quite dirty and water-stained. I had mistakenly thought the water stains were permanent and would need to be painted over. As it turned out, the "stains" wiped clean with a rag and spray.

No bonus hygiene supply surpluses, but at least now I know exactly what we have and what we will need soon. And honestly, I am so pleased that it looks so tidy.


  1. Do you go back and open the door to just see how tidy it looks after you straighten something? I do. Bringing order to chaos is quite satisfying to me.

  2. Your stacking shelves were an inspiration. I have two just adding to the clutter in the basement...

  3. Ha, ha, ha Live and Learn. Have you been spying on me? Yes, I did open the cupboard a couple of times just to admire how neat it looks now! I agree -- creating order where there previously was none is very satisfying.

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    You know, those under sink places are so awkward for things like shelving, aren't they? I love shelves for organizing and this was the closest to shelves that I could find for this spot. I hope you find good use for your stacking shelves!

  5. Under any sink is really not my friend. I don't like to store anything under there just in case of a leak. Your shelving helps keep it off the bottom, nice!

    And even just a new lining of shelf paper makes you want to go back and look again and again, doesn't it. I freshened my pantry and love how it looks. I think I will go to a flooring store and try to find linoleum remnant to put under my sink to save the bottom from any leaks. Right now it's just cereal box cardboard lining the bottom and thankfully no leaks.


  6. There is something satisfying about a freshly organized and tidied area, especially when it's something you haven't done (or in my case, have put off .... ) for awhile. I do the same thing and admire my work!

  7. It looks great and is motivating for me. I love to organize but don't do it often enough. Thanks for the push!

  8. Hi Alice,
    I have that same kind of feeling concerning storing things on the floor of the cupboard under a sink. I like to keep stuff that could be damaged off the floor. Your idea to get a linoleum scrap sounds like a good one.

  9. Hi Kris,
    Good to know that we all like to admire our work, even when it's just tidying up work!

  10. Hi Ruthie,
    Decluttering and organizing has a snowball effect with me. The more I do, the more I want to do. I love having areas look clean and tidy. I'm glad I could serve as a "push" for you.


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